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Outdoor dining

February 3, 2014

give me a bite

The weekend sort-of heatwave was good for midtown football fans and street food eaters. There was a line at the halal guys on the corner of 53rd and Sixth. It looked like a dress-down weekday.


Sixth Avenue backdrop

September 18, 2013

this way, that way

This is a sound stage. That’s a just a cloth that looks like Sixth Avenue there in the background. It’s so much quieter and sanitary this way.

Waiting for lunch

June 30, 2013


People will wait half an hour for better-than-average Mexican fast-food in Manhattan. The guys who carry the signs advertising bike rentals might be in there, too, but I’d bet they’re noshing at a food cart down the street. Service is faster and the food is cheaper. (P.S. McDonald’s hasn’t been an investor in Chipotle for years, BTW.)

Back there

June 8, 2013

Should I look?

I wanted to look back, but didn’t. At the time, I didn’t notice the window washers across the street. But that’s probably a good thing, because their scaffolding looks a little precarious.

Orange shopping bag

April 26, 2013

on the line

Economists are happy today because consumers have been spending more. Other indicators are the same. I’m not convinced the economy is picking up; I just like the orange.

Men in suits

April 19, 2013


This is what all business men used to look like. In some parts of the city this uniform is more common than in others. These two are definitely part of the same tribe and speaking the same language.

Sushi & a peter pan collar

March 27, 2013

Sixth Ave.

It’s time for that gray corridor known as Sixth Avenue to lighten up now that spring is here. I don’t remember when I last saw a peter pan collar. Maybe it’s a seasonal trend?

Wigs on 2

January 12, 2013

so colorful

Now you know where to find a rainbow Afro wig in NYC. Maybe this company gets a lot of walk-in business. The West 20’s used to be busy with flower and plant businesses at street-level, but they are mostly all gone.

Taxi, taxi!!

January 10, 2013

over here

The young woman was neither loud nor assertive, so she had to wait until the cabs were stuck at a red light then walk in front of them to hail one. There were many available, so she got a ride quickly. (Also note the old painted sign on the building on the left.)

23rd Street PATH station

January 7, 2013

r u there

This is the proper way to text in public: off to the side and standing still. Someone will probably still manage to walk into her.