About NYC pix

If Brooklynpix is my right hand, then NYCpix can be my left. I make my home in Brooklyn, but I spend a lot of time elsewhere in the five boroughs that comprise New York City.

Friends told me they’d like to see more people in my pictures. Toward that end, I’ve taken on the challenge of street photography. It’s fun and challenging to wander around the city snapping spontaneous pictures that capture something visually interesting.

Here at nycpix, I may be less verbose than with brooklynpix, but, who knows? We’ll see what evolves.

more to come …


5 Responses to “About NYC pix”

  1. foto-sh Says:

    good to follow <you i just visited ny in sommer and i fell in love ..

  2. Christchurch Photo Diary Says:

    Great blog.

  3. sorealtonight Says:

    Keep it up! I love it.

  4. by2012212 Says:

    Glad you are posting!

  5. nicoledenaemelton Says:

    Awesome pictures! You’re blog takes me back home to NYC. Keep them coming!

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