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Love Me

September 20, 2013

traffic snarl

This graffiti is on a wall in Chinatown. Drivers will have a chance to see it because the traffic is stop and go. The woman on the bike, though, had to watch for bad drivers, pot holes, and other distractions.


Waiting for lunch

June 30, 2013


People will wait half an hour for better-than-average Mexican fast-food in Manhattan. The guys who carry the signs advertising bike rentals might be in there, too, but I’d bet they’re noshing at a food cart down the street. Service is faster and the food is cheaper. (P.S. McDonald’s hasn’t been an investor in Chipotle for years, BTW.)

Team New York biker @ Columbus Circle

June 18, 2011

Got the shirt, got the hat, got the attitude. Columbus Circle is always crowded, though this picture makes it look otherwise. Bikes are everywhere, thanks to the bike rental businesses that are on every corner near Central Park.

In favor of bike rental

February 22, 2011

This guy looks more like a would-be protester than a street-level advertiser. It’s still winter and the people renting bikes and pedicabs are pushing their products as aggressively as the law permits.

Rent a bike from this man

March 7, 2010

Just south of Central Park, there are bikes and pedicabs to rent – you can do the work or pay a guy to tow you around.