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Through the crack

December 18, 2013

stand clear

This slice of life is what you see when you’re about to miss a train. If you’re running late, you can put your foot in the door and the conductor might re-open it.


Start your engines

April 16, 2013

sea of yellow

Sometimes the yellow cabs take over the roadway. A stoplight looks like the start of a road race, and the drivers are all ready to gun their engines the moment the light turns green.

Springtime window shot

April 4, 2013


Haven’t had any out-the-window pictures in a while. This week the city is crawling with tourists who are extending the Easter week vacation. Some are surprised by the cool weather and have to go right from the tour bus to the gift shop and buy sweatshirts that say New York or I Heart NY. They’ll usually get a NY Yankees baseball hat or two while they are at it.

Retro art in Bergdorf windows

April 2, 2013


Bergdorf has some nice windows assembled which combine 60’s and 70’s art with thriftstore purchases. The background is wall-to-wall, but the mannequins manage to stand out from the visual busy-ness. Still, I was the only person on the sidewalk who had stopped to admire the artistry.

Found object: A leather glove

February 24, 2013


No one ever looks at a lost glove and thinks it’s a close match for one they have recently misplaced. Will this one end up in, rather than on, the trash at the end of the day, or in the lost and found? Do they bother?

Here and gone

February 10, 2013

scoop it out

The storm wasn’t that bad. But I’m saying that as someone who was walking on the sidewalk rather than trying to dig out a car. You know how the plows come down the street and make a wall of heavy, crunchy snow that’s about three feel tall and as hard as a cinder block?

Rectangles & diamonds (Javits Center)

January 22, 2013

way west

From a distance, the building looks like a big rectangle, but inside, the Javits Center’s facade reveals itself to be a system of rectangles and diamonds formed from diagonals. Still, a convention center, with its functional architecture, is a place you go for 3-4 hours, then flee from.

A woman and her sloth

January 21, 2013

there now

Everyone’s got that faraway look. A reflective moment occurred among the people and creature at the Travel Show at the Javits Center over the weekend. My mind was on the sloth and whether we were allowed to pet him.

Holiday windows: snow and penguins

January 4, 2013

hey, doll

More department store holiday windows – this one’s from Lord & Taylor. Christmas is still going on in midtown, but without the sidewalk bell-ringers and songs playing. The family above looks like Barbies; they have the same face.

Please, Santa

December 24, 2012

I've been good

All right, Natalie, whatever you want… and all the rest of you:  get the requests in quickly, or hold them for another year.