Designer bags here

April 19, 2014


There were sound effects that should accompany this picture. The man was shouting about the bags: Right here! Right now! Only $10! What are you waiting for?

Chilly scene of winter

February 28, 2014

very chill

Most respond to winter by covering up more. Then there are those who favor mini skirts and drinks on ice.

Outdoor dining

February 3, 2014

give me a bite

The weekend sort-of heatwave was good for midtown football fans and street food eaters. There was a line at the halal guys on the corner of 53rd and Sixth. It looked like a dress-down weekday.

Snow, downtown Brooklyn

January 24, 2014

winter dining

Forget the fact it’s freezing cold. The lights look nice bouncing off the snow. In addition to Shake Shack (on the right), there’s a new restaurant across this plaza, Hill Country Chicken (to the left). The bourgeois carnivores are moving in.

January shoppers

January 10, 2014

sales are on

It’s been very cold out, but the stores are having big sales. The solution: bundling up and hitting the stores. The urge to shop trumps staying warm.

Snow day

January 4, 2014

clean streets

No school or work on Friday. The trade-off was extreme cold; many people didn’t leave the house all day. That’s why the snow still looked fresh and new in the afternoon.

Through the crack

December 18, 2013

stand clear

This slice of life is what you see when you’re about to miss a train. If you’re running late, you can put your foot in the door and the conductor might re-open it.

Secret landscape

December 7, 2013


There’s an animated figure in some of the Macy’s windows. He’s about the size of an American girl doll, but creepier. Forget about candy canes; this is winter wonderland as a sinister snow scene.

Believe in better weather

November 27, 2013

fair weather friend

Windy weather is predicted for Thanksgiving. The parade will go, on but the balloons may be grounded. In that case, the Thanksgiving Day parade will look like many other NYC parades, except for the Santa in a sleigh.

The carrot man

November 15, 2013

the regular, old fashioned kind

We don’t think of carrots having a season, but they do. Carrots keep well, so saunter over to Union Square and get some before they’re gone.