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The carrot man

November 15, 2013

the regular, old fashioned kind

We don’t think of carrots having a season, but they do. Carrots keep well, so saunter over to Union Square and get some before they’re gone.


Wet bikes @ Union Square

May 29, 2013

no riders

The bike share program (brought to you by that bank that has its name plastered all over every possible surface of the racks and bikes, what is it? Something that starts with a C, I think, and their color is blue…?) is off to a soggy start. No one that I saw braved the wet weather just for the heck of it.

Hello Kitty takes a ride

May 10, 2013

Union Square

You didn’t expect Hello Kitty to walk, did you? I didn’t know that the cult of the Kitty has drawn in grown men, but I guess it was inevitable.

Friends at Union Square

January 9, 2013

sunny day

She’s tall and glamorous and he wears funny glasses and baggy clothes. I wonder what they talk about.

Autumn in New York

December 3, 2012


…Where the firetrucks have holiday wreaths and it’s so warm that people walk around in shirtsleeves or just a light sweater in December.

Make your own poetry

November 26, 2012

String together some words and you have poetry, or an instant holiday gift. Visually, this was one of my favorite booths at the Union Square craft thing. It was like words floating in a big fishbowl.

Holidays at Union Square

November 24, 2012

Today was the day to support small businesses by choosing to shop with them over the big stores. The holiday crafts fair is going on at Union Square. As usual, there’s a lot to see, buy, and even eat.

Union Square rain

July 28, 2012

This is the view from the vestibule of Barnes & Noble; then the guard kicked us out (or inside the store). I didn’t see anyone buy an umbrella from this guy. Many people did without rain gear. The rain lasted about fifteen minutes.

Union Square on 4/20

April 21, 2012

Union Square yesterday evening seemed especially busy, and there were a lot of cops out, too. Later I remembered it was 4/20, a day recognized by cannabis enthusiasts. The activities at Union Square were along the lines of drumming, chess playing, and selling crafts – nothing illegal or rebellious.

Arts & crafts @ Union Square

November 30, 2011

The yearly crafts fair is on at Union Square. On the other side of the striped tent are dozens of merchants selling handmade objects and food, too. The stuff for sale is not 100% handmade, but it’s mostly not mass-produced, and to shop here is to support small (and tiny) businesses.