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Joy with sprinkles

December 25, 2012


The holidays have been reduced to donuts, sprinkles, hot coffee, and the equation that extreme happiness is possible with these things.


Thinking about Tim Hortons

April 18, 2010

Why is there no apostrophe in the name? What’s with all the sprinkles? How does Tim Hortons get the chocolate decorative icing just so? I’m neutral about the turf war between doughnut chains in NYC. A cup of coffee and a bite off someone else’s doughnut and I’m good for the next six months.

Moment of impact

April 8, 2010

The sprinkle-covered cone succumbs to the magnetic pull of the be-denimed man’s mouth as he prepares to hand over cash to the driver. A little strange, I’d say, but yesterday, with temperatures in the 90’s, wasn’t normal.

Frozen delights not from the Softee man

August 9, 2009

softy swirl or whatever

Here’s what the imitation Mr. Softee has to offer. It’s pretty much what you’d expect, though I take issue with their definition of sundae. Sauce makes a sundae; tossing sprinkles on top of a dish of ice cream does not. It’s an excuse to charge more – we’re on to you, whatever-you-call-yourself icecream truck.