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Designer bags here

April 19, 2014


There were sound effects that should accompany this picture. The man was shouting about the bags: Right here! Right now! Only $10! What are you waiting for?


Selling something

April 13, 2012

He’s selling something, and I’m not buying. In fact, I refuse to even make eye contact. The camera does the work that I’m not willing to.

Musical elf in Midtown

December 24, 2011

Every elf has to make a living; it’s not enough just to be one of Santa’s helpers. He’s probably meeting up with other elves to play in a holiday combo.

Put away the fur

March 12, 2011

The temperatures have been spring-like, so please put the fur in the closet! We see that the fur on your coats matches your hair, and that you’ve put together a “look,” and that makes us happy to see the bald guy walking next to you women.

Jaywalking allowed

July 9, 2009

walk where you want

Less than a week ago, the rain ruled our moods and behavior. Residents and visitors alike displayed a devil-may-care attitude brought on by 24-hour sogginess and humidity-induced fatigue. I’ll walk where I want to, thank you very much. Mushrooms are growing on my desk, my dog, and my toasted bagel. Who is going to stop me if I put my foot in a traffic lane and proceed to cross the street?