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There’s a car on the sidewalk

September 30, 2009
start your engines

Everyone else has to drive around the block until they find a spot.

I was going to dash off a few sentences about the race car parked in front of Wempe jewelers, 700 Fifth Avenue at 55th Street, but I couldn’t find ANY definitive or clear information about it online. Wempe is a German watch company with one store in the U.S., and they sponsor a VICI race car… perhaps. The car may be participating in Petit Le Mans races this year, whatever those are. And it’s possible that the last race of the season is October 10 at the Mazda Raceway, Monterey, California.  Don’t take my word on any of this. There’s always Nascar, though, and they have a decent website.


A stick, blue masking tape, & the letter S

September 2, 2009

a connection?

The S is a discarded straw wrapper. The close proximity of these items: mere coincidence?

Silly boid

August 26, 2009


Just look at those comical feet, one going in front of the other like a wind-up toy. Pigeons are feathered clowns – you won’t catch me using that negative expression to refer to them. What would the city be like without these birds?

Found: a paintbrush on the sidewalk

August 19, 2009

looks new

This baby is not going to hang around long; someone is going to claim it. You never know when you’re going to need a paintbrush, and this one seems to be in excellent condition. The current economy has turned us into a bunch of hoarders.

Found objects: blue rubber glove on Fifth Ave.

August 5, 2009


That’s all there was, a single glove. People on the crowded sidewalk were careful to walk around it.

Mini manholes – sidewalk geometry

July 21, 2009

x marks ?

There’s got to be a name for these – manholes that are too small for a person to fit in – but I don’t know it.  (Mini Manholes sounds like an Entenmann’s product.) There’s a lot of geometry going on in a small space here.

Legs with gray fishnets

April 25, 2009

gray day

Gray fishnets and heels, perfect complements to the cement sidewalk.