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June 2, 2013

Look, it's a...

Macy’s 34th Street, largest store in the world, is waiting for a superhero to swoop in an provide some rush-hour excitement. There’s always commotion on the sidewalk, and the EMS truck is waiting. C’mon, where are you?


Dirty habits

March 1, 2013


Pick your favorite vice. Shopping can get out of control, but smoking is definitely worse, especially on the sidewalk.

Shopping at Macy’s

January 14, 2013

warm out

It’s warm, who needs extra clothing? This winter is bizarre; it will be 50 degrees out, and men in shorts and women in skirts like this will be sharing the sidewalk with people in winter coats and hats.

Her date’s a walrus

December 17, 2012


For a pinniped, his hands are quite delicate, she thought. He wants to go for sushi after the show, but she is, as yet, undecided.

That pretzel is going to let you down

November 20, 2012

Flour, water, salt, and preservatives: interesting shape, no flavor. A pretzel eaten off the street is a NYC experience or a quick way to kill hunger. You’ll need a drink to go with that dough ball, too, because it will make you instantly thirsty.

That Yayoi (woman in a window)

July 12, 2012

Renowned Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama is in Louis Vuitton’s window at Fifth Avenue and 57th Street. She looks real, though her hair purposely doesn’t. (Madame Tussaud’s could learn a few things from this tableau.) Kusama’s currently having a retrospective at the Whitney, and it’s sponsored by a luggage maker with the initials “LV.”

Wild hearts, 34th Street

June 2, 2012

These two friends could be having fun walking against the direction of the afternoon crowds.

Ostrich riding, Louis Vuitton window

May 5, 2011

One way to see Fifth Avenue.

Day 2 at the Apple Store

June 26, 2010

There were only thirty or so people waiting to get into the Apple Store. Early adopters are not worried about the iphone’s rumored antenna defects and dropped calls. (Fix it with a piece of tape on the corner of the phone.) Apple Store shoppers enjoy the group experience.

Look, Abercrombie!

April 24, 2010

The anticipation is almost too much. The bad news is that on busy days, people have to wait on line to get in.