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Chilly scene of winter

February 28, 2014

very chill

Most respond to winter by covering up more. Then there are those who favor mini skirts and drinks on ice.


Your phone is a remote

July 11, 2013

turn down the volume

Think really hard, hold your head up and your phone forward, and start pushing the buttons. The world is at your command, sort of.

West 32nd Street

June 18, 2013

rush hour

Sometimes I forget to avoid the area around Penn Station at rush hour – I mean rush hours. In exchange for being mobbed by commuters, there’s a lot to photograph.

Stroll down Seventh Avenue

May 23, 2013


We’ve been having a taste of summer the last couple of days. Temperatures have been in the mid-80’s and the humidity has been high. Thanks, but we’ll take more spring, please.

Bobbysoxer in sneakers

April 12, 2013


Her hair is rather sixties, and the sneakers-and-socks look harkens back to the eighties. (Too bad she’s not wearing saddle shoes.) In this up-and-down spring weather, it’s hard to know what to wear.

Big blue suitcase

April 10, 2013

ho hum

A couple days in the city and this woman is jaded already. Here, New York, have a big yawn. What’s in the suitcase, though? Just some Big Apple souvenirs for everyone who got left behind, I’ll bet.

Springtime window shot

April 4, 2013


Haven’t had any out-the-window pictures in a while. This week the city is crawling with tourists who are extending the Easter week vacation. Some are surprised by the cool weather and have to go right from the tour bus to the gift shop and buy sweatshirts that say New York or I Heart NY. They’ll usually get a NY Yankees baseball hat or two while they are at it.

Hotel awning, Seventh Avenue

December 13, 2012

the light!

What day does the world end? Is the light still going to be so harsh? Everyone is stumbling around the sidewalk, and sunglasses aren’t especially helpful.

This way, Mama

September 5, 2012

New York is back to business this week, but the tourists don’t know that, of course. As temperatures drop, the city becomes a nicer, more hospitable place. I think this woman’s mesmerized by the lights of Broadway.

Stripes on Seventh Avenue

September 1, 2012

Some stripes are parallel, perpendicular, at an angle, and even moving. But what I like most is probably the steam vent. Orange and white and chunky, it is like something made by a child, but more purposeful.