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He’s a charmer

May 7, 2012

All it takes are a beverage and some hand gestures. She is hanging on his every word. (Or he could be going on about the Knicks and Rangers and she is happy to be away from the office for a few minutes.)


Woman times two

March 10, 2012

If a person was looking for vampires, would their image be absent from any reflective surface, like this bus stop? I was just wondering, not that I think we have problem in NYC with those kind of blood-thirsty night creatures.

Khaki reflections

September 29, 2011

If only the shoes were light brown, taupe, sand, or something along those lines. It would make me so happy.

Tom Ford’s pants

June 17, 2011

In the sun, the Berdorf’s window is a mirror. Nice view of the Plaza and Fifth Avenue. The Tom Ford pants are entirely secondary.

American shopping commuter flashback

June 11, 2011

Wow, too much to take in. Any moment, Peter Fonda is going to slide into the image and help the woman turn her bad trip into something beautiful. And everyone else will get safely home on their preferred form of transportation.

Ostrich riding, Louis Vuitton window

May 5, 2011

One way to see Fifth Avenue.

Walking by the bank

April 8, 2011

Raincoats and blank expressions.

Messing with the plastic pumpkins

October 31, 2010

To say “traditional plastic pumpkins” is an oxymoron, no? Halloween is a holiday that has evolved more than any other over the years; there is always room for improvisation. Any kid who is serious about candy collection is going to make his or her adult carry a shopping bag into which the goodies can be emptied.

Lounging @ the entrance

October 28, 2010

Everyone was crowding the doors and lobby of MOMA yesterday. Blame matinee day and a continuation of the freakish weather.

The welcome mat at Bergdorf’s

October 3, 2010

A mini mannequin, a.k.a., a Barbie, is carrying a tiny shopping bag and standing by a welcome mat. The larger mannequin looks like she’s just doing it for the paycheck. She’ll grudgingly let you in the store.