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Dancing in the street

September 4, 2013

records playing

The cones would have you believe the sidewalk is wet, but that was hours ago. While the woman frugs, the doorman from the hotel across the street yawns. He is paid to look blasé.


Gingerbread sphinx

December 2, 2012

smells nice

The mysteries of the ancient cookie-sculpture… how did those gingerbread men of yore construct this engineering marvel? And the hat? What the… ? Go see this and other creations at the Parker Meridien. They were made for a good cause; cast your vote!

Gingerbread Chrysler Building

December 18, 2009

Le Parker Meridien hotel is having a gingerbread contest. For a small donation, you can vote for your favorite.   I like this Chrysler Building, though the frosting is showing signs of wear.

The photographers wait

September 23, 2009

where is that man?

The hotel was flying the US and Korean flags, yet these photographers were speaking Russian and waiting for someone the gawkers on the sidewalk had never heard of. Things are a little off-kilter in NYC this week, due to the UN global summit.