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Mermaids’ play

August 31, 2012

“Mermaidsmischief,” done in 2009, won’t go down as one of John Chamberlain’s best sculptures, but it, along with other pieces on the Park Avenue plaza of the Seagram Building, are worth a visit. The artist twisted pieces of aluminum foil and these were blown up to a grand scale. The sculptures, up to 15 feet tall, are best viewed from a distance. Up close, the urge to touch the familiar-seeming surface is almost overwhelming.


Strike rat as art

July 31, 2012

The Bruce High Quality Foundation has cast the “strike rat” in bronze and placed it by the Lever House. The theme of their show is “Art History With Labor,” and the rat is the centerpiece. (Katharina Fritsch comes to mind.) The show continues inside, with more art on the walls and mops and sanders scattered throughout.

Bear/lamp in the sun

August 25, 2011

Urs Fischer’s “untitled (Lamp/Bear)” (2005-6) at the Seagram Building, 53rd and Park Avenue, looks as cuddly as a gigantic scupture can, but it’s made of cast bronze and weighs 17 tons. The yellow bear with button eyes wedged under a desk lamp, might look best at nighttime, but during the day it achieves a touching balance of  pathetic gesture and monumental scale. A guard stands by to keep visitors from touching the sculpture.