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Chilly scene of winter

February 28, 2014

very chill

Most respond to winter by covering up more. Then there are those who favor mini skirts and drinks on ice.


January shoppers

January 10, 2014

sales are on

It’s been very cold out, but the stores are having big sales. The solution: bundling up and hitting the stores. The urge to shop trumps staying warm.

Snow day

January 4, 2014

clean streets

No school or work on Friday. The trade-off was extreme cold; many people didn’t leave the house all day. That’s why the snow still looked fresh and new in the afternoon.

Hands in pockets, everyone

March 18, 2013


References to spring being in the air are hereby taken back. Winter has returned and hands should be jammed in pockets when they are not carrying shopping bags. I like the guy’s plaid duffel coat, though.

Soda pop

March 14, 2013


Springtime is near: gloves are optional. But keep them handy, then you won’t need them.

Found object: A leather glove

February 24, 2013


No one ever looks at a lost glove and thinks it’s a close match for one they have recently misplaced. Will this one end up in, rather than on, the trash at the end of the day, or in the lost and found? Do they bother?

Red shoes

February 17, 2013


To summarize a NYC winter: it’s patriotic and there are bursts of color. The rest is mostly gray, brown, and black.

Here and gone

February 10, 2013

scoop it out

The storm wasn’t that bad. But I’m saying that as someone who was walking on the sidewalk rather than trying to dig out a car. You know how the plows come down the street and make a wall of heavy, crunchy snow that’s about three feel tall and as hard as a cinder block?

Four brown boots

February 7, 2013

Broadway saunter

It’s another gray day in NYC. Today we’ve been thinking about the storm that is coming our way tomorrow. It’s not much of an inconvenience, usually, and everything is clean and white and quiet for while.

Walking and thinking

January 30, 2013


We leave our desks and take our thoughts to the sidewalk. Many people are walking around midtown thinking things through as they go about errands and pick up lunch.