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Dancing in the street

September 4, 2013

records playing

The cones would have you believe the sidewalk is wet, but that was hours ago. While the woman frugs, the doorman from the hotel across the street yawns. He is paid to look blasé.


Wet bikes @ Union Square

May 29, 2013

no riders

The bike share program (brought to you by that bank that has its name plastered all over every possible surface of the racks and bikes, what is it? Something that starts with a C, I think, and their color is blue…?) is off to a soggy start. No one that I saw braved the wet weather just for the heck of it.

Start your engines

April 16, 2013

sea of yellow

Sometimes the yellow cabs take over the roadway. A stoplight looks like the start of a road race, and the drivers are all ready to gun their engines the moment the light turns green.

Big blue suitcase

April 10, 2013

ho hum

A couple days in the city and this woman is jaded already. Here, New York, have a big yawn. What’s in the suitcase, though? Just some Big Apple souvenirs for everyone who got left behind, I’ll bet.

The hotel porter

October 23, 2012

Funny thing is, when you’re walking past you can hardly tell there’s a hotel on this block, so what’s this not-so-fancy porter doing on the sidewalk? If you’d prefer, this picture can be about primary colors: the blue sky, red suitcase, and yellow cab.

Waiting for the bus (taxi prices just went up)

September 14, 2012

Cab doors are partly blank right now because they haven’t pasted on the new rates yet. People adverse to spending more for a private ride can always wait for the bus.

Cabs on one side

January 30, 2012

…pedestrians on the other.

One way to get a cab

November 3, 2011

At least I think this woman is trying to hail a cab. Some people think standing in traffic is a good way to get a driver’s attention.

Hey, cab!

October 14, 2011

Stand in the street, kick up a leg, hike up the raincoat a little… a cab will stop sooner or later.

Snagging at cab @ 5:30 PM

October 3, 2011

It can be done; here is the evidence. Don’t be overly confident and try to get a taxi on rainy afternoon, though, because chances are you’re not that lucky.