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Scene from a street fair

July 28, 2013

we see you

NYC street fairs are all the same. Same food, same junky jewelry for sale. The same tube socks you didn’t buy last time you went to a street fair! People walk around like they don’t care; they’ll never run into anyone they know. This guy is sporting giveaway sunglasses, thinks he’s cool. She seems to be with him but is looking around.


Eating corn on broadway

July 15, 2012

The Winter Garden has “Mama Mia,” people are checking their phones, and barbecue smoke rises from collapsible grills. The corn looks good, but I’m still not ready for another street fair.

Walk the line

July 14, 2012

Uptown, white stripes, downtown, walk on the pavement. Three street fairs and I am officially burned out. Today’s, on Broadway, was crowded and seemed to have fewer interesting merchants, if that was possible.

An owl for your neck

July 6, 2012

Hipsters like owls and other birds, but I can guarantee they are not at this street fair buying cheap jewelry. These pendants, being large, make some kind of strong statement.

Corn @ a street fair

July 1, 2012

NYC Street fairs are very repetitious. It’s mostly the same stuff to eat, buy, and drink repeated for 10-15 blocks. Grilled corn is very popular this year; tube socks used to be.