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Snow, downtown Brooklyn

January 24, 2014

winter dining

Forget the fact it’s freezing cold. The lights look nice bouncing off the snow. In addition to Shake Shack (on the right), there’s a new restaurant across this plaza, Hill Country Chicken (to the left). The bourgeois carnivores are moving in.


Here and gone

February 10, 2013

scoop it out

The storm wasn’t that bad. But I’m saying that as someone who was walking on the sidewalk rather than trying to dig out a car. You know how the plows come down the street and make a wall of heavy, crunchy snow that’s about three feel tall and as hard as a cinder block?

Big, big snowman

January 13, 2011

Messing around with the gigantic snowman didn’t quite compensate for the fact there was school yesterday despite eight inches of snow. Snow days are rarely called for NYC public schools.

Storm @ ground level

December 26, 2010

6th Avenue at 34th Street. Go home and stay home! Forget about those bargains already.