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Believe in better weather

November 27, 2013

fair weather friend

Windy weather is predicted for Thanksgiving. The parade will go, on but the balloons may be grounded. In that case, the Thanksgiving Day parade will look like many other NYC parades, except for the Santa in a sleigh.


Please, Santa

December 24, 2012

I've been good

All right, Natalie, whatever you want… and all the rest of you:  get the requests in quickly, or hold them for another year.

Seeing red in midtown

December 16, 2009

That is one skinny Santa. The padding under the suit distracts from the cotton glued to his face, though. People pause for a look, and that’s enough time to be handed a postcard for a sample sale.

Junior’s has cupcakes

December 5, 2009

The cupcake craze continues, especially when impulse buyers such as tourists are nearby. The Santas and snowmen on the green-frosted ones look like they are caught in a whirlpool. A metaphor for the holiday season? I think so.