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Secret landscape

December 7, 2013


There’s an animated figure in some of the Macy’s windows. He’s about the size of an American girl doll, but creepier. Forget about candy canes; this is winter wonderland as a sinister snow scene.


Holiday windows: snow and penguins

January 4, 2013

hey, doll

More department store holiday windows – this one’s from Lord & Taylor. Christmas is still going on in midtown, but without the sidewalk bell-ringers and songs playing. The family above looks like Barbies; they have the same face.

Her date’s a walrus

December 17, 2012


For a pinniped, his hands are quite delicate, she thought. He wants to go for sushi after the show, but she is, as yet, undecided.

Best holiday windows

January 1, 2012

The Bergdorf Goodman windows on Fifth Avenue are truly stunning, worth a look if you are in the area. The artists who put together these tableaux worked with themes like paper, metal, and mosaics and didn’t get bogged down with the holidays or merchandise.

View from the sidewalk

November 20, 2009

While the dark shape of the business man is dramatic, my eye is drawn to the young guy, his I heart NY shopping bag, desert boots, and afro. Then I notice the candy cane and Santa in the shop window. November in New York.