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H & M meets Mr. Softee

August 14, 2012

People are supposed to look at this odd combination and say, cool things put together. Mr. Softee is literally cool and ironically cool. It’s¬†totally uncool and doofy, those cakey and taste-free¬†cones with sprinkles. If H&M and Mr. Softee were people, H&M would not give Mr. Softee a minute of its time.


Moment of impact

April 8, 2010

The sprinkle-covered cone succumbs to the magnetic pull of the be-denimed man’s mouth as he prepares to hand over cash to the driver. A little strange, I’d say, but yesterday, with temperatures in the 90’s, wasn’t normal.

How do you do?

September 27, 2009


Hello, would you like some fruit? Contrary to stereotypes, New Yorkers are generally friendly folk. (For dessert, there’s Mr. Softee, parked just up the street from the fruit stand.)

Frozen delights not from the Softee man

August 9, 2009

softy swirl or whatever

Here’s what the imitation Mr. Softee has to offer. It’s pretty much what you’d expect, though I take issue with their definition of sundae. Sauce makes a sundae; tossing sprinkles on top of a dish of ice cream does not. It’s an excuse to charge more – we’re on to you, whatever-you-call-yourself icecream truck.