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Everything is Going to be Alright

February 14, 2013

keep walking

In this video, on MoMA’s first floor by the escalators, a person is walking faster than an ice-cutting ship. It’s ten minutes of calm and a little suspense.


A square of pollen

February 3, 2013

yellow glow

Wolfgang Laib’s “Pollen From Hazelnut” is a huge rectangle of pollen that was meticulously sifted onto a platform in MoMA’s second floor atrium. From a distance it appears slightly convex and resembles a pincushion, or a minimalist painting too large to hang. Up close, the yellow of the pollen is compelling but not overwhelming – I’m glad I saw it but I haven’t advised friends to rush over. The pollen’s on view until March 11.

Waiting & messing around at MoMA

December 30, 2012

closing time

Nearly closing time at MoMA, and people are still in line to see Christian Marclay’s “The Clock.” The “cinematic tour de force” has a cult following, and predictable lines. In the second floor atrium, Philip Worthington’s “Shadow Monsters” provides entertainment. The wall projections are interesting, though I had expected something else, after seeing pictures at

Girls at MOMA

December 21, 2012

53rd St.

Be brave; go out and get some culture and pretend that the city’s not packed with holiday visitors.

Don’t go to MoMA today

October 16, 2012

This was yesterday; MoMA’s closed on Tuesdays. I think I’ll remember because I tried to go there two weeks ago and found it shut. The lobby is usually open, though, in case you want to cut through or peruse the gift shop.

Bikes on 54th

September 21, 2012

A bike-friendly area, by the 54th Street entrance of MoMA. It was cloudy yesterday, but no matter. I always like that block for picture-taking, as I’ve mentioned before.

Boys this summer

August 4, 2012

(Some) boys this summer are wearing baggy gym shorts, sneakers, teeny socks, graphic t-shirts, and occasionally, a barely perceptible smile.

Have it both ways

July 16, 2012

No matter the temperature, some will always choose to walk in the sun or shade. My summer nightmare is a street where there’s no shade – in this scenario I’m the grate-walker.

Cool & calm at MOMA

July 1, 2012

I hadn’t been to MoMa in a couple weeks, and the WALK TALK WALK TALK visuals (and sounds) of “Ecstatic Alphabets” sent me to this landing for a moment’s respite. It’s also a nice place to escape the heat outside.

53rd Street, by MoMA

May 17, 2012

I forget about 53rd Street for weeks, though the MoMA block is one of my favorites for picture taking. It’s just the right mix of artsy types, regular people, and tourists, next to a nondescript background.