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Meet me @ Tad’s

August 19, 2012

Del Frisco’s it ain’t. If you need a laugh, Google “Tad’s Steaks NYC” and read how people went to this chain in the 1970’s and then felt a pull to return decades later. They had high expectations, and some of the diners are genuinely surprised: “What happened?”


Pedestrians ahead

April 6, 2012

Walking the sidewalks of NYC is not unlike driving a car. You pay attention constant as pedestrians appear out of nowhere, and veer to avoid contact. It’s not uncommon to discover a mysterious spot on a jacket or pant leg (mustard? newsprint?), anyway. The crowds in the city are generally not as fastidious as this woman with the shopping bag, I hate to say.

Walking on grates

May 18, 2011

Sidewalk grates provide ventilation for the subways and a challenge for anyone wearing heels.

The new in newsstand

May 10, 2011

Five weeks ago I asked how long it was going to be before the old newsstand on this location came down. I’m not surprised to see this new metallic and glass structure, but I’m not sure why they need more than a dozen orange and white barriers to protect the thing.

Derby day in Manhattan

May 7, 2011

The police horse breaks into a saunter! Let’s go, let’s go! This fine city creature is the only horse most of us will see all week, not counting those on TV.

Thinking pink

November 24, 2010

To have a favorite color, and wear it like a uniform, would make certain aspects of life (like deciding what to wear in the AM) easier. (I’m not talking about NY’ers love of black clothing here.)

Meathooks everywhere

November 18, 2010

I count four, and one guy who won’t share.

It’s not about the bike

November 17, 2010

To me, this photo is about lines of metal things: spokes, bars on windows, fences, and handrails. But maybe all you see is a young woman in skinny jeans and a raincoat walking downhill on a sidewalk; that’s fine, too.

Outside & inside

November 15, 2010

Some pictures remind me that everyone has a story to tell, or maybe they just look that way.

Eighth Avenue view

November 3, 2010

My usual camera is having a vacation in Newport News, Virginia for a few days. While it’s being repaired, you can look forward to some blurry pictures and unusual coloration. You’ll note that the trash can to the right is in mysteriously sharp focus.