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Chilly scene of winter

February 28, 2014

very chill

Most respond to winter by covering up more. Then there are those who favor mini skirts and drinks on ice.


Secret landscape

December 7, 2013


There’s an animated figure in some of the Macy’s windows. He’s about the size of an American girl doll, but creepier. Forget about candy canes; this is winter wonderland as a sinister snow scene.

Believe in better weather

November 27, 2013

fair weather friend

Windy weather is predicted for Thanksgiving. The parade will go, on but the balloons may be grounded. In that case, the Thanksgiving Day parade will look like many other NYC parades, except for the Santa in a sleigh.

I’m over here!

September 8, 2013

look at me!

When you can’t locate friends and family, get on the horn, stand in the middle of the sidewalk, and wave your arms madly until they they see you.


June 2, 2013

Look, it's a...

Macy’s 34th Street, largest store in the world, is waiting for a superhero to swoop in an provide some rush-hour excitement. There’s always commotion on the sidewalk, and the EMS truck is waiting. C’mon, where are you?

Bobbysoxer in sneakers

April 12, 2013


Her hair is rather sixties, and the sneakers-and-socks look harkens back to the eighties. (Too bad she’s not wearing saddle shoes.) In this up-and-down spring weather, it’s hard to know what to wear.

The big picture

March 6, 2013


In front of Macy’s, there’s a pedestrian plaza. Without the tall buildings, the view suddenly opens up if you’re walking downtown. For a few, it’s a show-stopper.

Shopping at Macy’s

January 14, 2013

warm out

It’s warm, who needs extra clothing? This winter is bizarre; it will be 50 degrees out, and men in shorts and women in skirts like this will be sharing the sidewalk with people in winter coats and hats.

Summer on 34th Street

August 23, 2012

Summer on 34th involves walking, shopping, commuting, not much eating, and whatever that poor man in the plaid shirt is up to.

They are lost

July 9, 2012

They just don’t look it. Being lost is not like it used to be. No maps are needed, just a smartphone with a few applications. Helpful New Yorkers don’t know what to do.