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Statue’s open!

July 6, 2013

the ferry

Lady Liberty is open again after Hurricane Sandy, as of the 4th of July. Rather than show the statue, I’ll show you the ferry that leaves from the battery in lower Manhattan. Getting to Liberty Island is an ordeal; the lines are terrible. But the experience is great! You’ll love seeing the Statue of Liberty as much as a Broadway show, maybe more.


Soda pop

March 14, 2013


Springtime is near: gloves are optional. But keep them handy, then you won’t need them.

Hudson River walkway

March 10, 2013

view of Jersey

It’s a nice weekend for walking along the river. Spring breaks start in a few weeks; that’s when the touristy areas will be crowded. Few people were out yesterday.

Mini newsstand

February 15, 2013


For when the full-size newsstand feels too large, check out the pocket version.

Winter visit to the red cube

February 5, 2013


It was almost two years ago that I featured Noguchi’s red cube on the blog. Tourists were posing in front of the sculpture yesterday. Good public art is like running into a friend on the street; it’s a happy occurrence.

Downtown sidewalk in December

December 28, 2012

shooting star

You can tell this is a holiday shot from the star decoration on the streetlight and maybe from the shopping bags they are carrying.

Way downtown

December 15, 2012

shoppin bags

The tourist route includes the WTC construction, Century 21, and maybe a visit to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. The last depends on the lines and the weather, although I would recommend starting here so you don’t have to schlep bags all day.

Hailing a cab on Church Street

December 4, 2012

past the barricades

Men in reflective vests hold up plastic yellow chains so that the mobs of people will have to cross with the light. Just down the street, to the left, is the World Trade Center construction. Commuters and tourists want to get over there, for the trains and a better view of the gigantic building.

I saw a rainbow

May 9, 2012

Light rain, yes;┬ásun, probably not.┬áThe chance of a real rainbow, about zero. It’s nice to see an umbrella with some color and personality.

What’s up there?

April 26, 2012

I don’t get to Lower Manhattan very often. It’s one of those areas where the office workers mingle with the tourists in about equal proportion. Everyone usually gets along, though the visitors move slower and occasionally confound the natives with the things they find interesting.