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Build the Guggenheim out of Lego

November 16, 2009

famous nyc building

You notice Frank Lloyd Wright’s name is not on the front of this Lego package. Would the old codger ever be throwing a tantrum if he saw his museum turned into a child’s toy, especially one that bears little resemblance to the actual building! To me, it looks like an urban hotel.


Frank Lloyd Wright @ MOMA, in miniature

October 26, 2009

nice waterfall

At the Guggenheim this month, they are partying up the 50th anniversary of the museum’s completion. It’s only fitting that MOMA is displaying a bit of Frank Lloyd Wright’s genius with a model of Falling Water in the ongoing Architecture and Landscape show (up until mid-January 2010).

NYC’s Frank Lloyd Wright building

October 18, 2009

the goog

One of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most famous buildings, the Guggenheim Museum, is on upper Fifth Avenue. In preparation for its 50th anniversary this year, numerous cracks in the cement were patched and some structural work was performed. The building looks great, but it will always be controversial; the spiral that defines the interior is an undeniably tricky venue for art.