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Found object: Turquoise glove

August 14, 2011

Everything’s wet, even the chewing gum flattened on the street. The weather forecaster had it 100% wrong last night when he said, “Don’t worry, we’re not going to see steady rain tomorrow.”


Found: Royal typewriter

February 23, 2011

This sturdy machine was sitting by the trash. Someone probably took it home before the garbage men came around. I wouldn’t be surprised it if still works, but I wasn’t going to kneel on the sidewalk and find out.

The aroma inside your car

October 8, 2010

We regret to inform you that, thirty minutes after the air freshener fell out, the smell inside your vehicle reverted to its former funky state. In fact, it may be worse than ever.

Plastic horsehead

February 16, 2010

found object

Barbie and Ken caught The Godfather on cable and have been making mischief with their toys ever since.

Found: a paintbrush on the sidewalk

August 19, 2009

looks new

This baby is not going to hang around long; someone is going to claim it. You never know when you’re going to need a paintbrush, and this one seems to be in excellent condition. The current economy has turned us into a bunch of hoarders.

Found objects: blue rubber glove on Fifth Ave.

August 5, 2009


That’s all there was, a single glove. People on the crowded sidewalk were careful to walk around it.