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Yes way

October 19, 2013

14 and 1st

What you’re looking at is a subway entrance, the L Train at 14th and First Avenue. The guy’s checking his phone because there’s no wifi downstairs, on a train or platforms. Not yet, anyway.


What do you really think of sushi?

January 31, 2010

This fish store sells take-out sushi in addition to the usual raw fish, fillets, shellfish, etc. The neon is simple and direct. We all heart sushi, so come in and get some now.

Baker Street sports bar

January 25, 2010

At Baker Street Bar, umpteen screens show an array of sports. Soccer and rugby outnumber American games, like hockey, but no seems to be there to watch TV. Baker Street in London was home to fictional figure Sherlock Holmes, but the NY bar’s only reference to him is a silhouette on the menu and napkins. Apparently the literary executors are strict about the detective’s image.