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The Masters of Bus

October 3, 2013

tour bus

The double-decker is coming through, now with photos of Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson plastered on the side. I mean, those are the actors playing the mid-century sex researchers in the Showtime series.


Greetings from the Empire State

April 29, 2013

gray day

April has been really gray, hasn’t it? Or do I think that every time the sun is behind a cloud? No matter, I have great hopes for the may flowers, and how large and colorful they are going to be.

At the light with a coffee drink

April 23, 2013


Welcome to New York. Now pay attention to the traffic light.

Watching the world

April 21, 2013

quiet for a moment

I’m not sure if this man is a security guard or a store cop, but I’m quite sure that he has no intention of breaking a sweat on the job today.

The pink coat

November 27, 2012

At 2:45 PM, there’s a spot of sun over on Fifth Avenue and about 53rd Street. Winter is getting close. I think more people should wear bright pink.

That pretzel is going to let you down

November 20, 2012

Flour, water, salt, and preservatives: interesting shape, no flavor. A pretzel eaten off the street is a NYC experience or a quick way to kill hunger. You’ll need a drink to go with that dough ball, too, because it will make you instantly thirsty.

Out of the steam came the biker

November 19, 2012

Or maybe the bike messenger is burning rubber? These guys fly down the street. If one is coming toward you, I’d advise stepping out of the way.

The glamorous life

November 9, 2012

Life in NYC is a photo shoot waiting to happen, until you notice that the hot dog guy has surrendered his cart to the pigeons and taken off.

Somber shoppers

October 18, 2012

Is it buyer’s remorse? Or are they taking a break before the next round of shopping? (Lighting courtesy of nearby hot dog vendor.)

Walking down Fifth

October 14, 2012

We’ll take another day just like today, please. No, I guess that won’t happen tomorrow; it’s Monday and there’s a chance of showers, too.