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Don’t come over here, Fat Elvis

July 30, 2011

What the hucksters do is dress up as a character (Elvis, Mickey Mouse, Elmo, etc.), go to a touristy spot like Times Square, and try to get people to stand next to them and have their picture taken. They can’t legally ask for money, but they can hold out a bag and look pathetic after the photo’s snapped and hope to get a dollar in return.


Fat Elvis impersonator drinks Diet Coke

August 20, 2009

yes, ma'am

Lunchers didn’t notice who was standing next to them! He may be a little diminutive for a Vegas Elvis, but the guy was sporting the requisite white jumpsuit, black wig, and sunglasses. The anniversary of Elvis’ passing, August 16, went by with nary a media mention, though I think I heard the Viva Viagra song/commercial on TV within the past couple weeks.