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Dancing in the street

September 4, 2013

records playing

The cones would have you believe the sidewalk is wet, but that was hours ago. While the woman frugs, the doorman from the hotel across the street yawns. He is paid to look blasé.


Another man in uniform

January 19, 2010

Some uniforms have more appeal than others. This doorman knows how to operate a whistle, though, and that’s an skill that might impress an occasional woman, especially one who likes taking cabs.

The white-gloved doorman

October 2, 2009

the door spinner

The was a couple days ago. As of Thursday, people who don’t wear gloves for a living got them out. It was in the 50’s, and that’s chilly for the first day of October.

Don’t worry, I’ll get you a cab

September 25, 2009

over here

But don’t ask me to put a letter in the mailbox. It’s locked shut. (You can thank the U.N. gathering for that.)

A man in uniform

August 18, 2009

on break

The bollards in front of Time Warner are as much for sitting as traffic control. It’s above ninety and this guy is even keeping his hat on.