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Sidewalk sweeper

June 13, 2013

& subway

It sounds old fashioned, but of course there are sidewalk sweepers in NYC. People are litterbugs, rude gum-chewers, and smokers… the sidewalk is a magnet for everything in the city.


One way here… and there

May 17, 2013


Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t these pedestrians have such determination and purpose that their actions appear almost scripted? Maybe we’re witnessing an impromptu theater piece by the Time Warner Center.

Looking up Broadway

December 7, 2012

uptown, downtown

I am trying to take a break from holiday stuff, though I do find it visually compelling. If you look closely you’re sure to find some bell-ringers.

Snowflakes and scaffolding, Columbus Circle

December 6, 2012

@ the mall

You were waiting for this, weren’t you? This year’s picture of the snowflakes at the Time Warner Center has a mini Cape Canaveral scaffolding in the background. They are leaving up Tatzu Nishi’s “Discovering Columbus” set-up until January so that the Columbus sculpture can be conserved. (The exhibition closed last weekend.)

There’s a statue in the living room

November 30, 2012

Cristoforo, is that you?

Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi has re-imagined the Columbus Circle statue as the centerpiece of a living room. Visitors climb stairs to reach the installation seventy-five feet in the air. The 13-foot-tall marble statue of Christopher Columbus dominates the tasteful living room (with funky pop art wallpaper); windows and magnificent views remind the crowd where they are. The piece is only up through this weekend.

New monster building

June 14, 2012

As seen from the Time Warner Center. To use our vast architectural vocabulary, that new building on West 57th Street, on the block across from Carnegie Hall, is going to be a biggie, a behemoth, in fact, a skyline-changer. Upon completion, the mixed-use building will be 75 stories, among the tallest in the city.

Columbus Circle, holiday season

December 18, 2011

The way to tell it’s the holiday season is the Salvation Army holiday bell ringer just visible behind the woman in the red jacket. This year they are letting the volunteers play music of their choice while soliciting money, which makes them seem from this century.

View of Columbus Circle from MAD

August 11, 2011

Take a few steps back and the lines almost disappear. At the Museum of Art and Design, there are the exhibits to look at, of course, but there’s also the architecture and views outside to take in. 2 Columbus Circle was totally redone for MAD, but it’s still funky.

Dioramas @ MAD

August 8, 2011

If you haven’t yet seen Otherworldly, a show of dioramas at the Museum of Art and Design, try to get to the show before it closes on September 18th. Artists have built miniature alternative universes, often with the intention of photographing them. It’s an amazing display of imagination and craftsmanship. This monkey was fabricated by Didier Massard from France. (Thursday evening, admission is pay what you’d like.)

A little overheated

July 11, 2011

The summer is yet young; there is plenty of time for big heatwaves and for city dwellers to be truly overheated.