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January shoppers

January 10, 2014

sales are on

It’s been very cold out, but the stores are having big sales. The solution: bundling up and hitting the stores. The urge to shop trumps staying warm.


Hands in pockets, everyone

March 18, 2013


References to spring being in the air are hereby taken back. Winter has returned and hands should be jammed in pockets when they are not carrying shopping bags. I like the guy’s plaid duffel coat, though.

Mini newsstand

February 15, 2013


For when the full-size newsstand feels too large, check out the pocket version.

Looking up Broadway

December 7, 2012

uptown, downtown

I am trying to take a break from holiday stuff, though I do find it visually compelling. If you look closely you’re sure to find some bell-ringers.

Eating corn on broadway

July 15, 2012

The Winter Garden has “Mama Mia,” people are checking their phones, and barbecue smoke rises from collapsible grills. The corn looks good, but I’m still not ready for another street fair.

Walk the line

July 14, 2012

Uptown, white stripes, downtown, walk on the pavement. Three street fairs and I am officially burned out. Today’s, on Broadway, was crowded and seemed to have fewer interesting merchants, if that was possible.

Are we there yet?

March 26, 2012

Crossroads of the world… the fun and everything else must be nearby, yet these young people look so tentative, as if the Times Square they wandered into was not at all what they expected.

More traffic haiku

December 30, 2011

“Too averse to risk To chance the lottery, yet Steps into traffic”: Very true, I’d say. Pedestrians in NYC dart around with little regard to what street signs and lights are telling them to do. We all do it (jaywalking) and yet gasp when we see someone almost get clipped by a car. What is your acceptable risk?

Trying to look like New Yorkers

August 7, 2011

This summer I’m noticing people who, it seems, learned about NYC from watching TV then came here trying to look the part. Hipster hats, man bags, long skirts, pants tucked in boots, and so on. The man with the bag from the M&M store is pure tourist and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Who is cooler?

Man with yellow envelope

July 18, 2011

First I noticed how the sun was hitting the building to the left and making the bricks a yellowish color. Then the man with the envelope appeared, and so did the guy in the yellow t-shirt and black shorts.