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Be Happy @ the Bergdorf windows

December 7, 2010

Looking is free. The New York stores often do nice windows specifically for the window shoppers and people strolling up and down the avenues. Dig the happy retro lettering.


The welcome mat at Bergdorf’s

October 3, 2010

A mini mannequin, a.k.a., a Barbie, is carrying a tiny shopping bag and standing by a welcome mat. The larger mannequin looks like she’s just doing it for the paycheck. She’ll grudgingly let you in the store.

Lotsa heads, turning heads

August 2, 2010

Bergdorf Goodman has some outstanding old mannequin heads on display. They are all aloof, but in different ways. I think my favorite is the miniature in the middle; she seems surprised to be in with the others. (A store at Time Warner always has some mannequin heads up on a cabinet, should you miss these.)

Sex and the City 2 windows

May 26, 2010

Bergdorf Goodman, which has a role in the movie, is featuring Sex and the City 2 in its windows. Reviews of the movie have not been kind, but the subplot, appropriately, is consumer consumption. Read about the windows on Bergdorf’s blog.