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Hands up, hands down

October 28, 2013

black shirts

Here we have two classic and common gestures:  “back off” and “who me?” What’s less common is that they happened simultaneously as I was walking past with my camera.


Yes way

October 19, 2013

14 and 1st

What you’re looking at is a subway entrance, the L Train at 14th and First Avenue. The guy’s checking his phone because there’s no wifi downstairs, on a train or platforms. Not yet, anyway.

Empire State Building (woman pretends it’s cold)

December 18, 2012

down the line

And I’m pretending the light is good for taking photos. The last few weeks have been rough, more clouds than sun.

Autumn in New York

December 3, 2012


…Where the firetrucks have holiday wreaths and it’s so warm that people walk around in shirtsleeves or just a light sweater in December.

If you think this is cold

November 7, 2012

The thermometer hasn’t been below freezing yet, I hate to tell all of you delicate flowers. If you are like this now, you will be an icicle in a few weeks.

Visitors take it in

October 19, 2012

They are happy; on their own little island upon the larger island, observing and strolling.

Somber shoppers

October 18, 2012

Is it buyer’s remorse? Or are they taking a break before the next round of shopping? (Lighting courtesy of nearby hot dog vendor.)

You’re being watched

October 10, 2012

This was a couple days ago; less than a week in fact. My recent pictures have been rainy and repetitive, dreary and in need of some sunshine.

Last days of warm weather

October 6, 2012

That’s it, folks, yesterday and today were in the 70’s, nice and warm, but they are saying we may not see those temperatures again for a few months. (They = weather experts and other learned people.)

Bun akimbo

September 30, 2012

Early days of fall; one of the best times to be in NYC, even having a walk in midtown.