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Believe in better weather

November 27, 2013

fair weather friend

Windy weather is predicted for Thanksgiving. The parade will go, on but the balloons may be grounded. In that case, the Thanksgiving Day parade will look like many other NYC parades, except for the Santa in a sleigh.


The Masters of Bus

October 3, 2013

tour bus

The double-decker is coming through, now with photos of Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson plastered on the side. I mean, those are the actors playing the mid-century sex researchers in the Showtime series.

I’m over here!

September 8, 2013

look at me!

When you can’t locate friends and family, get on the horn, stand in the middle of the sidewalk, and wave your arms madly until they they see you.


June 2, 2013

Look, it's a...

Macy’s 34th Street, largest store in the world, is waiting for a superhero to swoop in an provide some rush-hour excitement. There’s always commotion on the sidewalk, and the EMS truck is waiting. C’mon, where are you?

Blue and suede

May 3, 2013

good for standing

Dress up to shop? That’s an option. It’s May and above 70 degrees; the toes are making an appearance.

Start your engines

April 16, 2013

sea of yellow

Sometimes the yellow cabs take over the roadway. A stoplight looks like the start of a road race, and the drivers are all ready to gun their engines the moment the light turns green.

The West 34th saunter

March 23, 2013


34th Street, within a couple blocks of Herald Square, has an unusual number of stories to tell. Lots going on, and lots of characters. Here, the young woman may be at the center of the picture, but the one who holds my attention is the building employee on a smoking break. He’s taking it all in, too.

Dirty habits

March 1, 2013


Pick your favorite vice. Shopping can get out of control, but smoking is definitely worse, especially on the sidewalk.

By a 34th Street newsstand

February 1, 2013

a dollar and a dream

Business as usual on 34th Street: throngs walking toward Penn Station and a newsstand selling lottery tickets and winter magazines with bikini-clad women on the cover.

Shopping at Macy’s

January 14, 2013

warm out

It’s warm, who needs extra clothing? This winter is bizarre; it will be 50 degrees out, and men in shorts and women in skirts like this will be sharing the sidewalk with people in winter coats and hats.