Cats at White Columns

July 24, 2013


Cat art is hot, have you heard? Be sure to get over to White Columns before July 28. “Cats in Residence” is a benefit, with real felines, too. It will make you smile – and don’t forget to put a dollar or two in the kitty.


Your phone is a remote

July 11, 2013

turn down the volume

Think really hard, hold your head up and your phone forward, and start pushing the buttons. The world is at your command, sort of.

Statue’s open!

July 6, 2013

the ferry

Lady Liberty is open again after Hurricane Sandy, as of the 4th of July. Rather than show the statue, I’ll show you the ferry that leaves from the battery in lower Manhattan. Getting to Liberty Island is an ordeal; the lines are terrible. But the experience is great! You’ll love seeing the Statue of Liberty as much as a Broadway show, maybe more.

Waiting for lunch

June 30, 2013


People will wait half an hour for better-than-average Mexican fast-food in Manhattan. The guys who carry the signs advertising bike rentals might be in there, too, but I’d bet they’re noshing at a food cart down the street. Service is faster and the food is cheaper. (P.S. McDonald’s hasn’t been an investor in Chipotle for years, BTW.)

This is where the camera bugged out

June 21, 2013

hold still

Sometimes the camera and I have a disagreement about uploading pictures. I curse, run a little program, and my photos are mostly salvaged; the camera eats a few. What interests me are the ones that are nearly lost, like this one. On the left you’ll see the words “Eye Center.”

West 32nd Street

June 18, 2013

rush hour

Sometimes I forget to avoid the area around Penn Station at rush hour – I mean rush hours. In exchange for being mobbed by commuters, there’s a lot to photograph.

Sidewalk sweeper

June 13, 2013

& subway

It sounds old fashioned, but of course there are sidewalk sweepers in NYC. People are litterbugs, rude gum-chewers, and smokers… the sidewalk is a magnet for everything in the city.

Back there

June 8, 2013

Should I look?

I wanted to look back, but didn’t. At the time, I didn’t notice the window washers across the street. But that’s probably a good thing, because their scaffolding looks a little precarious.


June 2, 2013

Look, it's a...

Macy’s 34th Street, largest store in the world, is waiting for a superhero to swoop in an provide some rush-hour excitement. There’s always commotion on the sidewalk, and the EMS truck is waiting. C’mon, where are you?

Wet bikes @ Union Square

May 29, 2013

no riders

The bike share program (brought to you by that bank that has its name plastered all over every possible surface of the racks and bikes, what is it? Something that starts with a C, I think, and their color is blue…?) is off to a soggy start. No one that I saw braved the wet weather just for the heck of it.