Hands up, hands down

October 28, 2013

black shirts

Here we have two classic and common gestures:¬† “back off” and “who me?” What’s less common is that they happened simultaneously as I was walking past with my camera.


Yes way

October 19, 2013

14 and 1st

What you’re looking at is a subway entrance, the L Train at 14th and First Avenue. The guy’s checking his phone because there’s no wifi downstairs, on a train or platforms. Not yet, anyway.

The Masters of Bus

October 3, 2013

tour bus

The double-decker is coming through, now with photos of Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson plastered on the side. I mean, those are the actors playing the mid-century sex researchers in the Showtime series.

Love Me

September 20, 2013

traffic snarl

This graffiti is on a wall in Chinatown. Drivers will have a chance to see it because the traffic is stop and go. The woman on the bike, though, had to watch for bad drivers, pot holes, and other distractions.

Sixth Avenue backdrop

September 18, 2013

this way, that way

This is a sound stage. That’s a just a cloth that looks like Sixth Avenue there in the background. It’s so much quieter and sanitary this way.

I’m over here!

September 8, 2013

look at me!

When you can’t locate friends and family, get on the horn, stand in the middle of the sidewalk, and wave your arms madly until they they see you.

Dancing in the street

September 4, 2013

records playing

The cones would have you believe the sidewalk is wet, but that was hours ago. While the woman frugs, the doorman from the hotel across the street yawns. He is paid to look blasé.

Hand jiver

August 20, 2013


It’s all in the gesture. The West 40’s are long on gray and grit, with an occasional charm.

Coffee and whatnot

August 8, 2013


The Wichcraft kiosks by Bryant Park are a hive of activity, spilling employees like a clown car. This is a segment of a panorama; that’s why it’s narrow. To visit them in person, go to the northwest corner of the park, by the F Train entrances.

Scene from a street fair

July 28, 2013

we see you

NYC street fairs are all the same. Same food, same junky jewelry for sale. The same tube socks you didn’t buy last time you went to a street fair! People walk around like they don’t care; they’ll never run into anyone they know. This guy is sporting giveaway sunglasses, thinks he’s cool. She seems to be with him but is looking around.