Construction window

Across the street from Studio 54, the construction is stalled at ground level, so there’s an unobstructed view of the Hearst Tower and other buildings. You’ll note the sign for SOUP – the Soup Man, a.k.a. the Soup Nazi, just reopened in his original location on 55th Street. I walked past and saw one customer. This could be another weather story, because soup is not a top lunch item when it’s 90 degrees out. I’ll take another look in a couple of months.


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One Response to “Construction window”

  1. The old Intl. Longshoremen’s Assn. Building « A Daily Photo Says:

    […] 340 Court Street was built by the International Longshoremen’s Association, when dockworkers lived in Carroll Gardens, then in the 1990′s was sold to Long Island College Hospital. In 2007, the Clarett Group bought the blue and white building, razed it, started construction in 2008. The construction, expensive housing – townhouses and maisonettes – was not popular in the neighborhood. Work stopped in 2008, and with the exception of a couple days, has not resumed. The blue plywood and viewing windows are similar to another stalled  construction site, this time in Manhattan. […]

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