Lotsa heads, turning heads

Bergdorf Goodman has some outstanding old mannequin heads on display. They are all aloof, but in different ways. I think my favorite is the miniature in the middle; she seems surprised to be in with the others. (A store at Time Warner always has some mannequin heads up on a cabinet, should you miss these.)


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2 Responses to “Lotsa heads, turning heads”

  1. nicci Says:

    Please could I post your photo ‘lotsa heads turning heads’ onto my site : abandoned-mannequins.posterous.com. I of course will post links, and will give all credit for where the image came from.

    Kind regards

  2. Marge Crunkleton Says:

    I love this grouping of mannequin heads….The first on on the left was one of mine sold a while back. Glad to see she is keeping such good company. Go Girl!

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